Prevent Any Upset in Your Travel Plans with a Road Trip Checklist

Even when your vehicle is in the best possible condition, it never hurts to have it looked over by skilled technicians and certified mechanics like the ones working in our service center. And this is especially true if you are gearing up for a big road trip!

Stop by Kia on the Boulevard and let our service team make sure your car is ready to meet the challenge of long distance driving. Taking this extra step gives you much greater confidence in your vehicle when you are out driving on the road and exploring the great unknown. Every driver should initiate a pre-road trip check before venturing out on a journey. Certain items are essential to any successful road trip, regardless of where you are planning to visit. Do you have the following items for your upcoming road trip?

  • Map/ cell phone app
  • Water/ blanket
  • Snack food
  • Roadside service plan
  • Spare tire kit
  • First aid

Stop and go driving around a busy city indeed takes a toll on a vehicle. However, fast driving along the open highway really puts a vehicle to the test. We are encouraging you to play it safe, and ensure that your cherished car, SUV or truck is as ready as it can be for the adventure you will soon embark on.

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