What is Low-Gear Range?

If you live in mountainous, snowy, or icy areas, then you may drive a vehicle with 4-wheel drive capabilities. Your 4-wheel drive car or truck may also have 2-wheel drive capability. If it does, then it may contain a part called a transfer case.

Transfer cases are specialized torque converting devices that attach to regular transmissions. When engaged, these devices can convert 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive, and vice versa. Many transfer cases also have the ability to run in high-mode or low-mode.

Low-gear ranges allow the transfer case to enhance the torque coming from the main transmission. This creates more power than high-ranges, but it also reduces overall road-speeds. Plus, because low-ranges create more torque, they may actually be more liable to spin tires than other gear settings.

While these features are eminently useful, they also require careful attention and servicing. Here at Kia on the Boulevard in the Philadelphia region, our skilled and experienced transmission technicians can make sure that your system performs well in all gear-ranges. For more information, come by our place today for a no-obligation visit.

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