Pinpointing Exact Ignition Problems Requires A Specialized Diagnosis

The ignition system in your car is a relatively small and simple series of components compared to others. It is however, one vital thing that allows you to rely on your car, or become stranded unexpectedly. The battery, solenoids, starter motor, and key assembly should always be in good condition.

Driving in a city like Philadelphia requires many stops and starts on a daily basis. This can result in a great deal of wear. If you notice harsh noises when turning the key, it could indicate that there are problems with starting components found under the hood. Often, ignition problems are also discovered inside the cabin. These include loose key assemblies that interrupt electrical connections, and dashboard lights that do not come on in sequence with turning the key.

Diagnosing ignition problems can sometimes be very difficult. It could be as simple as a faulty battery, or as specialized as a wiring problem inside of the steering column. Qualified technicians at Kia on the Boulevard have the tools and experience to pinpoint the exact cause of an ignition problem. Never let this type of situation go undiagnosed. If you have any problem starting your car, call us for an appointment that addresses all ignition issues.



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