Good Working Blades Are Vital In Adverse Weather Conditions

Driving in the rain, especially at night, can be a hazardous endeavor. There may be obstacles in your path and road conditions you need to be prepared to react too. Having windshield wiper blades that are in good condition and work as they should is a big factor to being able to see everything that you need to.

Determining if your blades need replacing comes down to observation and performance. The sun and air will cause the rubber that your blades are made of to become hard and brittle or time. You should visually inspect them occasionally. You should also be aware of how your blades perform while in use. Are they leaving streaks and blurry spots? If any of these things hold true, then it's time for replacement blades.

When you require new windshield wiper blades, then come see us at Kia on the Boulevard in Philadelphia. Your safety is important to us, so we'll get you situated and on your way.
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