Do You Have a Suspension that Needs Attention?

If you’ve started to feel like you’re steering a small boat on a choppy sea, it could be due to your car’s suspension needing attention. Roads are full of pot holes and bumps of every kind. With time, they can wear out a suspension’s bearings and fittings, causing it to feel loose.

There are three key elements that your vehicle’s suspension system provides. The first is comfort. You don’t want to feel every road imperfection as you drive. Secondly, the shocks or struts provide control for your car when you hit a rut in the road. Third, they maintain wheel contact with the road.

If you’ve begun to notice that the steering wheel veers off a straight line and it’s hard to control, it may be time to have it looked at. The next time you’re in Philadelphia, stop by Kia on the Boulevard. We’ll be happy to take care of your safety needs.

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