Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced

If you suspect that your tires are starting to wear out, you may want to check for a couple of common signs that indicate your suspicions are correct. This can include:
  • Low treads on one or more of your tires.
  • Cracks in the treads or on the sides of your tires.
  • Blistering on your tires.
  • Large bulge-like areas on any of your tires.
  • A vibration under your seat area.
  • A shaking feeling while you are driving your vehicle.
  • Your tires have not been replaced since owning the vehicle.
Buying a new set of tires for your vehicle is actually a very simple process. Here at Kia on the Boulevard we have a wide variety of high-quality tires that are perfect for the model of car that you drive. If you suspect that it is time to invest in a new set, stop down to our location so we can help you out with the process.



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