What voltage level is necessary to keep my battery effective?

Measuring your battery’s voltage level is just the start of the process of analyzing your battery’s effectiveness. You also need to understand that your battery is being drained every second your car is not recharging it. When your vehicle is turned off, you still have several digital programs running. Your clock is ticking away, your computer is still running, and several other devices and programs are running in idle, drawing power from the battery.

If your battery maintains voltage despite all this activity, that means your battery’s active ingredients that generate voltage are still viable. After letting the car rest for a day, test with a multimeter. 12.6 volts means your battery is good, 12.2 volts means it is at 50% efficiency, and 12.0 volts shows it is dead.

At Kia on the Boulevard, we check your battery during every service appointment.



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