Keep Your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape By Replacing These Belts and Hoses

It's a great feeling when you know that your car is running it's best, and there are a few parts that we want you to know about so that you can be confident that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Belts and hoses play an integral role in the performance of your vehicle, and there are a couple of warning signs that will tell you when they're not running their best.

Your timing belt synchronizes the valves and pistons on your engine, and if the timing belt is broken, your car won't start. In fact, your engine can be damaged if it's running when the belt breaks. To avoid this, have it replaced if you hear a screeching sound under the hood of your car or if the owner's manual recommends this. You should also be aware of any antifreeze spots on the concrete. This can signal that one of your coolant hoses has worn through.

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