There are a few different scenarios that could occur if you are stranded on the road in the winter months. You can make an emergency survival kit that includes many of the things that you might need while you're in your vehicle. Try to keep things in the kit for both getting unstuck from snow and things that can be used if you are already unstuck.

A snow shovel and a can of gas are good items to have so that you can dig out of the snow and get on the road again. You also need to have a windshield scraper for getting ice off of your vehicle. Traction mats and tire chains are good to have as well while you're driving in the winter.

When visiting Kia on the Boulevard, have someone check your battery. Keep jumper cables in your kit just in case something does happen to your battery. Other items that you can include are an LED flashlight, hand warmers, and bottles of water.



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