Technology Behind Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

A rearview mirror is an essential part of a vehicle's safety package. New advancements have allowed for the development of auto-dimming mirrors. At Kia on the Boulevard, we'd be happy to explain how they work, and below is some information you might find interesting.

What's known as the Troxler Effect is the phenomenon that occurs when another vehicle's bright headlights can leave you with a temporary blind spot. You can have a hard time pinpointing other objects on the road during this short time.

To combat this effect, auto-dimming mirrors darken the mirror - through a process called electrochromism - when their sensors detect glare. When there is enough glare from a trailing vehicle's headlights, a charge is sent to an electrochromic gel. Materials in the gel then go through with certain oxidation-reduction reactions that cause them to darken. Since the gel is housed between the two layers of glass that makes up the mirror, the images can become more dim.




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