If you have kids, you will eventually have to face the task of choosing a first car for your teen. Here at Kia on the Boulevard, we see many parents who are stressed out and confused about buying a car for their teen. Choosing a car need not be such a daunting proposition if you take a few key points into consideration.

For most parents, safety is probably the most important consideration when choosing a vehicle for their teen. Even though most teens would rather drive a smaller, sleeker looking car, these kinds of vehicles are not really the safest for new drivers. A larger, heavier car is the best type for young drivers. Also, parents should choose cars with lower horse power, so teens are not so tempted to drive at unsafe speeds.

Remember to check the VIN number for recalls before you buy a used car. This can help prevent unwanted surprises. Come see us at Kia on the Boulevard to test drive a vehicle or to simply ask questions.



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