Whether you're driving during the day or at night, you might experience the glare from various lights. One way to decrease road glare when you're on the road at night is to ensure that your windshield is clean. If there are spots or a film on the windshield, then headlights and other lights can reflect off of the details and make it difficult to see.

Adjust all of the mirrors at night so that you don't see the reflection of headlights behind you. You want to move the mirrors so that they are pointing slightly downward instead of upward. The rearview mirror usually has a lever that allows you to adjust it to a nighttime mode to reduce glare.

Dim the lights on your dash to reduce the glare of the lights inside your car. This is beneficial for when you're meeting someone else on the road or whether you're the only car as you're not looking at a bright glow right in front of you. Kia on the Boulevard can show you how to dim your lights and adjust your mirrors as well.



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