No matter how much you care about your vehicle, something could go wrong. It is important to know a thing or two about problems that could go wrong with a vehicle, like the ignition system.

Signs Your Ignition is Going Out

One sign of a problem with the ignition is a grinding sound, and it usually means the drive gear is not engaging properly. Another sign of a problem is freewheeling. This is a term most people use to describe a starter failure. You have probably seen a person try to turn on his or her vehicle only to hear a whining sound without the engine actually cranking up. Smoke is another sign to watch out for. Sometimes, this happens because too much power is being used at one time or if there is a connection issue that has to be addressed.

All these signs should concern you. Be sure to have your vehicle serviced by one of our technicians at Kia on the Boulevard. We are not only certified, but we have a lot experience with all sorts of vehicles. Come down to the dealership's service department to see what is going on.


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