When your car battery dies, it’s easy to give up and call it a day. However, you can easily get back on the road using jumper cables. A jump-start requires a set of cables and another car with a working battery. If you can safely attach the jumper cables to your car battery and the working battery, you can charge up your car in order to get enough juice for a short trip.

Before you get started, you should note that this process is not for electric ignition vehicles or alternative fuel cars. This is for a standard battery jump-start. In addition, both cars should be parked with the emergency brake on and the ignition turned to off. Now you can safely attach the jumper cables. You’ll find a red clip and black clip at either end of the jumper cables. The red clip attaches to the positive terminal on the car battery. The black clip attaches to the negative terminal. You should attach the red clips first, starting with the dead battery, then attaching the red clip on the working battery. Once attached, you can attach the black clips.

The jump-start is complete after you have attached the jumper cables properly and started the engine on the working car. It should take about 15 minutes to charge up your dead battery with this method. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably time to get a replacement battery. Need more help? No problem! You can stop by our friendly service department at Kia on the Boulevard to get the best prices on service in Philadelphia, PA.

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