Brake pads are a very important part of your vehicle's braking system. At Kia on the Boulevard, we want you to be informed about the purpose of your brake pads. You should also know how to recognize the warning signs when your brake pads are starting to fail.

In the oldest versions of the automobile, a wooden block was used to put pressure on the tire to stop the vehicle. Today things are more advanced. Metal brake pads sit against the rotor. The pads apply friction to the rotor and cause it to slow down. Worn brake pads generally make a screeching or grinding noise when they need replacement. It is important that you address the issue in a timely manner to prevent damage to the rotors.

We invite you to visit us here at our dealership in beautiful Philadelphia, PA where we can service your vehicle. Our friendly service professionals will be happy to answer any maintenance questions that you may have.

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