While the larger aspects of a car are frequently discussed such as the engine itself or a suspension, the finer details of a vehicle are often overlooked. Because being knowledgeable about your vehicle can often lead to you getting more out of your car, Kia on the Boulevard in the Philadelphia, PA area felt that it was necessary to discuss some lesser-known car parts such as gaskets.

Gaskets help to form the seal between two or more adjoining faces in your car’s engine. When a fluid flows from one part of the engine to another, the only reason that it does not escape or leak out is because of gaskets. Gaskets, despite being a very small component, are imperative to the smooth operation of any vehicle.

If you should ever blow one of the gaskets in your vehicle, it is very important that it be taken to a service center as quickly as possible as this could lead to further damage to the car.

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