Tire blowouts involve the rapid loss of pressure in a tire, usually following the tire's explosion. Sometimes, blowouts occur without any warning. The tire might hit an object on the road, suffer a puncture, and explode. However, many blowouts happen due to poor tire care. By being aware of underlying problems, drivers might prevent blowouts from occurring.

Improperly inflated tires run a risk for blowouts. Check tire pressure routinely with a tire gauge. Examine the tires for tread wear, blisters and bulges, sidewall cracks, dry rot, and other issues. If you notice any problems, take the car in for service. The tires may require replacing.

Dealing with a blowout isn't easy. Perhaps taking a defensive driving course would be wise. Maintaining control of the car during a blowout requires skill.

The service department at Kia on the Boulevard can assist with tire care and other maintenance. Contact our offices to schedule an appointment to bring in your car.


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