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Replacing a Flat Tire Safely and Quickly

Few things can be as frustrating as being stranded some place away from home with a flat tire. At Kia on the Boulevard, we want you to be confident of what to do in that situation. Changing a tire or replacing a flat tire isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The first thing is to pull completely off the road so you’re not in the way of traffic. Put on the emergency brake. Retrieve the tire, jack and necessary tools from the trunk, and slightly loosen the lug nuts on the tire.

Jack up the car according to…

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How to Use a Roof Rack

The roof rack was once a sought after feature on American automobiles. Their use was widespread for a variety of applications from luggage to bikes to moving furniture. Larger vehicles, alternative towing options, and changes in the American lifestyle have rendered the roof rack nearly obsolete. However, where they are still available, roof racks can be an excellent way to secure your cargo.

Most factory installed Roof racks are intended for use with moderate weight items only. Things such as kayaks, bikes, and luggage are ideal for roof rack stowage. Many modern roof rack systems are 
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Good Working Blades Are Vital In Adverse Weather Conditions

Driving in the rain, especially at night, can be a hazardous endeavor. There may be obstacles in your path and road conditions you need to be prepared to react too. Having windshield wiper blades that are in good condition and work as they should is a big factor to being able to see everything that you need to.

Determining if your blades need replacing comes down to observation and performance. The sun and air will cause the rubber that your blades are made of to become hard and brittle or time. You should visually inspect them occasionally...
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